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Parallel Universes Theory : The Basics


parallel universes theory As the human population lives longer and longer on planet Earth, we continually discover more and more about our universe. Many once thought the Earth was flat; sail your shallop too far and off you drop into oblivion. As our quest for knowledge took to the skies, the thought that we were the center of the universe prevailed. The mo

re we learn, the more we realize how much we truly don’t know. Many scientists believe in the big bang theory, in that the universe was created by the reaction of things moving outward after a huge implosion. So technically speaking, the big bang is the resulting actions of an event that happened just prior to it.

Paralel Universe Theory And Science

A physicist by the name of Alan Guth came up with a parallel universes theory based on many observations. He believes that when the universe began, instead of a gravitational pull to keep things together, there was a reverse type of gravitation working and instead repelled everything from it, which he coined a “false vacuum.” As scientists have proven our world is constantly expanding, this theory seems plausible.

Another part to Professor Guth’s theory allows that at the time of the big bang, the “false vacuum” began to decay, creating amazing amounts of particles. These particles are the same as those which began our universe. According to his theory, the universe is much larger than anyone had predicted. If this theory is true, these extra particles started as the decay became bubbles, much like the bubble he believes began our universe. The more the “false vacuum” decayed the more bubbles it created. If this astounding theory is true, it would prove the existence of many universes, all of which would appear to have the same properties and abide by the same law of physics. Because this theory can’t fully be proven, there is speculation as to what these other universes hold.

There are two main ideas as to what these different universes may contain. The first is that these universes are the same in matter and physical laws as our universe. The exception being that due the varying degree with which they were created, it allowed for these other worlds to have every possible combination of particles available. In other words, these worlds would operate by the same principles but would have every possible number of combinations there are. For example, the oceans would be where our continents are and vice versa, on and on. The second idea is that the other worlds would potentially be different in that they may not operate in the same way as ours does. A three dimensional world may not be what the norm is.

While both of these ideas are plausible, the first allows for the belief in parallel universes, the idea that any given person can exist at the same time in more than one place. If, as humans, we were able to tap into the power of traveling to these other universes, we would be able to ‘meet’ our other selves. While this is a truly powerful thing to think about, one can imagine the possibilities it holds. If your own individual beings could meet and each one had different experiences, think of the intelligence and knowledge you could pass from one to another. Each one would have different experiences and different outcomes. In one world you could be a doctor, in another world a politician, in another world a drug addict. The options would be virtually limitless.

How You Can Use Parallel Universes To Improve Your Life

There are some people who believe that jumping from one universe to another is already a possibility and claim to do it frequently. They say this is done through a process called thought transference. While this can’t be proven or disproven, some scientists have believed that in order to change where you are (your location), you merely need to change your thought pattern or frequencies. This is called quantum jumping. While the opportunities seem endless, the practice seems elusive to many people. Science is increasingly moving ahead with theories about alternate universes. While the data is inconclusive, many do believe that an alternate or parallel universe is not just made for science fiction. It is a true phenomenon that requires more study.

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